Home for Community Members

I see you are now a paid PyraPOD Community member. The following is a short list of benefits that are open to you as a Community member:

  1. Besides posts open to Community members, you can access all posts reserved for Insiders (free membership): pyrapod.org/category/community-members/
  2. Access to the affiliate portals: pyrapod.org/affiliate-portal – you get 10% commission on paid membership fees or product purchases as reward for telling others about our site. Whoever becomes an affiliate under you, you can get 5% commission for their referral effort. This is also the place to check your performance as our affiliate.
  3. Contact us: pyrapod.org/contact-us
  4. Get a host account on our BityPOD.net platform – we will set it up and send email with the your host account login credentials

NOTE: Want the same service set up, branded with your own referral link? Talk to us and we can do it for Community Members without an extra monthly fee, just a one-time $500 setup and bradning fee. Your own BityPOD meet platform will have an URL like this: whatever.bitypod.net and operate on a dedicated server – if you want a domain totally separate from BityPOD.net root domain, then the one-time set up and branding fee will be $800. No matter what options you choose, your monthly fee for the Community Membership will cover our rent of a dedicated server.