Home for Franchisees (Gold members)

I see you are a paid Gold member. Welcome to this home page prepared for those who know the business value of PyraPOD. The following is a short list of benefits that are open to you as a Gold member:

  1. Besides posts open to free and DIY members, you can access all posts reserved for Franchisees: pyrapod.org/category/franchisee
  2. Access to the affiliate portals: pyrapod.org/affiliate-portal – you get 10% commission on paid membership fees or product purchases as rewards for telling others about our site. Whoever becomes an affiliate under you, you can get 5% commission for their referral effort. This is also the place to check your performance as our affiliate.
  3. Contact us: pyrapod.org/contact-us
  4. Get a host account on our BityPOD.net platform – we will set it up and send email with the your host account login credentials