What is that? Pay attention to the object which is far from the rest of the 11 objects around the sun on the Sumerian Tablet

While looking at the Sumerian Tablet that Zecharia Sitchin was holding, I realize that most people focus on the 11 objects around the sun. See this image I find using Google (note that red circle comes with the original image, while the arrow and three question marks were added by me):

And this one even zooms in the 11 objects around the sun but ignores the one far on the right hand side of the middle person…

If Nibiru or Planet X is truly what is said, that it has a long cycle of 3600 to 3700 years orbiting around the sun, causing Noah’s Flood previously, then it should not be close to the sun like any other planets. In other words, it should be the one that is further way, the single star on the right hand side of the middle person.

12 stars around the sun are mentioned in chapter 37 of Genesis, Nibiru is very similar to the great star “Woodworm” associated with the third trumpet event in chapter 8 of Revelation.

Author: Aubrey Zhang

Since obtaining PhD in Electrochemistry in 1994 (University of Calgary), I have been through many things, such as post-doctoral research work using STM to study atomic level electrodeposition of Cd on Ag(111) surface at UIUC (Urbana-Champaign at University of Illinois), lifetime free-lance preaching, CEO of TheoLogos Publications and PyraPOD Global Inc, former salesman of diamond tools for Superprem Industries, former director of DiaSolid Kitchen & Bath, finishing carpenter, working for CRE Green, a solar company in Kelowna, BC. After all these experiences, my life motto is this: sharp mind must combine with skilful hands. With my wife Margaret we have three kids - Riley, Grace and Anita.

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