Ready to apply for a patent for his first invention

Welcome back to Richard Nelson’s story!

In the previous entry, I have written about how an accident had helped him make the connection between his vision he saw at 14 and a problem-solving reality when he was 23.

By building the simplest air supported and water cooled double-layer greenhouse (see the drawing again below), he helped solved the problem of overheating for the poultry barn on the farm and at the same time stored the solar thermal energy in water to be used at night.

Morever, by accident he discovered it was the soap liquid bubbles that made his vision come true concerning a certain type of buildings for the future.

He knew he was onto something that was so big and amazing.

Something that could turn the world upside down as all buildings were made with an opague roof. But in his vision, he saw all the buildings in it have one thing in common: transparent at one time and snow white at another.

So after five years of study on bubbles and anything associated with bubbles, he had got the whole thing sorted out in 1979. He achieved this by having a day job and doing all this in his spare time.

For a young man full of energy and ambition, the first thing for his wonderful discovery was to apply for a patent, so obvious. He could build an economic empire out of this. No doubt about that. So he saw the need to protect his invention.

By this time, he had moved his home to Montreal, a maga city in East Canada.

So he made an oppointment with the patent office to consult for patent application and process. What the patent officer told him shocked him.

“Young man, your discovery was so extensive and complete, according to my experience, you should apply for four patents instead of one.”

“What do you mean, Sir? I only have one discovery to protect, why four patents?”

“Richard, one patent is not enough to describe your wonderful invention. On the other hand, for a discovery so radical and complete like yours, it is not wise to apply for one patent. It is better to break it into four parts so that only you or anyone who has signed an agreement with you to use one or all parts could fully understand what each part is and how all parts fit together. I suggest this for the sake of your own interest, young man!”

“I see. Thank you so much for your valuable advice!”

So as a result, Richard Nelson broke his invention into four parts and applied for four patents instead of one.

What to see what these four patents are? Remember, I am not writing a novel, but a genuine and true story. Click here to see his first four patents, along with two more patents added later on. So a total of six patents!

Author: Aubrey Zhang

Since obtaining PhD in Electrochemistry in 1994 (University of Calgary), I have been through many things, such as post-doctoral research work using STM to study atomic level electrodeposition of Cd on Ag(111) surface at UIUC (Urbana-Champaign at University of Illinois), lifetime free-lance preaching, CEO of TheoLogos Publications and PyraPOD Global Inc, former salesman of diamond tools for Superprem Industries, former director of DiaSolid Kitchen & Bath, finishing carpenter, working for CRE Green, a solar company in Kelowna, BC. After all these experiences, my life motto is this: sharp mind must combine with skilful hands. With my wife Margaret we have three kids - Riley, Grace and Anita.

9 thoughts on “Ready to apply for a patent for his first invention

  1. bill says:

    I am working for a trust that’s stated goal is to buils greenhouses for CSA’s starting in our local area near Asheville NC . the CSa will be asked to donate a portion if their organic product to schools to provide food children and their families that live in proverty. I have been building greenhouses partally underground and lining the north wall with 55 gallon drumd filled with water. We have been sucessful in keeping the temperature above freezing through out the winter, although the temperature did not drop below 5 degrees. I am interested in your greenhouse and would be interested in knowing the different sizes you have available. we were thinking if something like 30 by 50 or 30 by 100 but are open to other possibilities. We are looking at possibilily 25 over the next yrar. Thanks Dr, Bill

    1. Richard Nelson says:

      Hi Bill, thank you for your feedback and interest to apply SolaRoof technology in NC.

      I’m in Montreal – perhaps we can talk Monday afternoon. My mobile is 1-514-692-9107 or reach me at

  2. chuck says:

    Dear Friends, I just finished a tour starting in China then Europe, Africa, Americas. All this in 4 months. The planet is surely getting smaller. While in Angola, Africa I had a vision of a new to me idea of housing. It was a type of pointed dome covered in a transparent but durable fabric and a frame made of hemp composite. This idea seemed to reduce the ugly looking buildings that were painted but very weathered. I like clean groomed things.

    Now I by chance find your site and read all the ideas and see that others have had this same vision. Now I want to make this happen.

    There is something I can add to you gaints of vision and invention. I have a small story too. In 1999 while running my own Engineering and construction company I recieved a phone call from a Vice President of the University of Utah over academic affairs, Dr. Peterson. He told me that he had been give the responsibility of creating a program to interest all Utah students to want to learn more dificult subjects. He called me because I had three children at the U that were the top students in Medicine, Engineering and Science. Long story short he gave me a grant to create a program like what I had done for inspiring my children. He wanted it to inspire all 500,000 students of Utah.

    That blew my mind but also got my full attention. My solution was to let all students (K-16) learn by making money in the adult world. Controlling the risk with robotics. My kids all worked in my construction company learning to weld, run heavy equipment and repair it etc.

    So I needed many robots for the students to use to make money and control risk. That led me to self-replicating robots. That led me to physics. And in physics I found an extraordinary understanding. That being we are completely submerged in energy and that we can tap that energy anywhere in the universe. We do that now in fission and are trying to control fusion. But I have learned how to tap this huge energy supply without fission or fusion. They both burn matter or in other words perturb and destory the balance that makes matter exist in elemental forms. We can tap the energy directly from the Quantum Fields by using the elastic property of our universe. People have done this by accident over at least 100 years. However, they have not realized the source and therefore not been able to overcome the push back of peoples lack of understanding. I name those I have found that were able to demostrate this tapping. Tesla, Moray, Papp, Farnworth, Pons and Fleischmann etc.

    So I hope that we can start a conquest to bring a paradigm shift to our world by using technology to at least increase the standard of living on earth by 4 fold replenishing it to a garden of Eden. And grooming ourselves and lives in extraordinary achievements. There are solutions to every problem that are easy to implement, all noxious things can be turned into benefits. We are beings of the universe and can learn to live happy wealthy lives anywhere in it. Let us do it first here and then there is no limit to our potential.

    1. Aubrey Zhang says:

      Wonderful, Chuck, thanks for the sharing!

      I have forwarded your comments to Richard Nelson. So excited to know that this new website can get response so quickly from Bill and you in a timely manner!

    2. Aubrey Zhang says:

      Chuck, I saw your message left on my YouTube channel. I searhced for your full name, Chuck Smith, and I found a long list of videos showing you are preaching. I am glad to see that. Now I have your email, I am going to contact you via email.

    3. Richard Nelson says:

      Hi Chuck, Let me know if you want to bring SolaRoof technology to Utah – collaboration is the way to build a future of abundance for all.

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